Praise for Vulnerable Veterans

It’s a privilege to be friends with genuine lovely people. I feel lucky.  by      RA 06/01/19


Hi, phoned them and all is good the BBR has been removed. Cheers for being there when I need advice much appreciated even though ur fm the dark side of the pennines. 😂😂😂 Mr C 01/09/18



Just to say a warm ‘thank you’ for kindly supporting me with finding volunteer work with Mind.
It really means a lot and lightens up my week already.
All my life since being a kid have been fiercely independent, suspicious and have never been a follower.
But just to be accepted for being the gentle person I am and not letting the past dictate the present and the future is breath taking – that’s the truth.
Thank you so much. RP 03.07.18


On I congratulate @VulnerableVete1 and all those doing their best to support those who served and need support in ‘Civvie Street’. JH 30.06.18

Thanks so much for coming and supporting, it was great to have you there and I know you met a lot of people over the course of the day which will be immensely valuable going forward.We look forward to welcoming you to future events and working with you on the hubs. TW Kent CC 22.06.18

Thank you guys, you were there when I needed help and you gave it. Straight away and then kept in touch. Thank you. JC 15.7.17

Thanks. Smith A, Sgt xxxxxxxx your advice on issue with bully really helped. He now has an injunction anything else in terms of intimidating or bullying he has 2 years suspended. Trying now to remain positive and not be afraid for I know I now have support and am not alone. AS 19.11.17

Thank you all for everything you are doing. JH 24.11.17